About Wise Mediation

Hello! Meet Nancy Wise.

Two concepts Nancy regards as Truths: One is she believes that each of us want to know Peace, to rid ourselves of the unrest we often feel. Second, she has had it proven that it is not healthy for us emotionally or physically to carry around unfinished business. Mediation offers the opportunity to rid ourselves of both.

Wise Mediation is a conflict mediation and dispute resolution service designed to help conflicting parties voluntarily meet with an impartial mediator in an effort to peacefully resolve problems. Both parties will meet with Nancy in a neutral setting where they can work toward a mutually beneficial solution and resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner. As a general rule, people are not taught to handle conflicts.

Therefore, relationships that never become what they could have been, having the ability to resolve what are usually minor disputes. Mediation and conflict management solutions offer the opportunity for all people to be in a safe setting with a neutral party and communicate effectively, allowing a free and safe discussion of feelings and issues. As emotions are addressed and processed, the issue can often result in mutually agreeable solutions through an empowering process for both participants. You can enjoy success in your life and relationships with Nancy's help.

Conflict Mediation & Dispute Resolution with Nancy Wise

Online Mediation

Online Mediation

This is an excellent option for those separated by distance, and it is available with all mediations.

Conflict Mediation

Avoid court or arbitration by bringing all your problems to the table and cooperating.

Even group conflicts can be solved without courts and violence if all parties are willing to work together.

Family Mediation

Families have a unique set of needs, and she can help before and after legal troubles occur.