Skilled Conflict Arbitration

Conflict arbitration is a lot like the step between mediation and court resolution. In arbitration, a neutral third party listens to both sides of a conflict and orders the resolution to the conflict, and the two parties voluntarily agree to abide by the ruling of the arbitrator. If you can’t come to a mutual solution but still would prefer to avoid the cost and time of court, Wise Mediation of Austin, Texas, may be able to help you find a better way.

Trusted Solutions

In arbitration, both parties come together with Nancy and explain their situation from both perspectives. You are welcome to bring witnesses and the necessary proof for your case. She will listen, ask necessary questions of both parties, and question witnesses as necessary. Once all the evidence and witness reports have been gone over, the session is adjourned. Typically, she takes three days to think over the case, the testimony, and the evidence, and then she will render a resolution that both parties will agree to accept.

Training & Experience

• T3 Texas Arbitration Services, 2007
• Experience Arbitrating Cases for the Better Business Bureau