Business Mediation

Effective Business Mediation

Business mediation initially fueled the need for mediation services, and now mediation can be used to solve most problems, with the exceptions of child and elder abuse or domestic violence. Through various means, Wise Mediation is here to help the people of Austin and surrounding area, solve almost any inter-personal conflict without resorting to violence, courts, or endless arguments. With timely service, most conflicts can be resolved. Without productive talks or mediation, many situations can escalate to violence or lawsuits. It is important to note that people have power with mediation, and that power is lost once you enter a courtroom where someone else can determine your resolution.

Business Mediation Can Solve:

• Employer/Employee Issues Such as Wrongful Termination, Behavioral Issues of an Employee, Employer or Employee Complaints about the Other, or Any Conflict Existing Within the Workplace
• Consumer/Merchant Problems Such as Product & Services Issues, Consumer Behavior, & Theft
• Landlord/Tenant Problems including Lease & Rent Issues, Causes for Eviction, & Broken Lease Agreements
• Large Groups & Communities Issues Such as Trauma & Unrest

Training & Experience

Nancy has extensive training and experience in this area. Every mediator must have at least 40 hours of basic training, and she has taken part in several business mediation sessions since 1987.