Church Mediation

Group Conflicts & Church Mediation

Conflict and unrest can and does occur in all groups. Even the Church is not immune, and often, Church leadership is too busy to handle the smaller squabbles among the flock. Wise Mediation of Austin, Texas, offers Church mediation and solutions for all kinds of group conflicts.

Church Mediation & Facilitation

Nancy has spent a lifetime in the established Church and has a son who is an ordained minister. With that experience combined with her time as a mediator since 1987, she is well aware that there is a need for mediation in the churches. This is in no way a judgment, but simply a realization of the human condition. We are still, as humans, learning how to be, and therefore, learning how to live with one another in a peaceful manner.

Ministers have their hands quite full with everyday affairs. From what Nancy has understood, they welcome an outside neutral party to come in and help with something that may have arisen that has caused unrest in the church.

How Nancy Helps

Nancy comes and spends two to three days to assess the situation, meet all the concerned parties, and plan meetings with the groups after that. All situations are different, but hopefully she will be able to hold mediation on the third day. The mediation goal would be to discuss the issues and hopefully arrive at a workable, mutually agreed upon resolution.