Conflict Management

Dedicated Conflict Management & Group Mediation

Managing conflict is not an innate trait for people. Most find themselves in situations they do not have the skills to manage. A basic concept that seems to motivate our behavior is the idea of that “if I allow another to be right, that would make me wrong, and I certainly don’t want to be wrong.” This thinking keeps people from reaching a mutually beneficial resolution because they never see it. It leads to a stalemate where the relationship stops, gossip begins, feelings are hurt, anger erupts, and the conflict escalates. Nancy’s job through Wise Mediation is to provide conflict management and group mediation services that end that cycle.

Conflict can and does happen anywhere. It can be found in the workplace, groups, churches, with friends, neighbors, and in families. Because we don’t all share the same kind of understanding of things, conflicts can occur. Mediation can bring unexpected peace to these conflicts.

In the Workplace

Should there be tension in your workplace between individuals, Nancy can serve as the mediator for them, providing them the opportunity to work through their differences. With their issues resolved, quite likely, the whole office would experience a positive ripple effect, allowing for a more productive working environment.

Office staffs can learn how not to take things personally and decide not to gossip, to forgive and accept others and not to judge, how to discuss anger and ask for and receive help, and more. Nancy can provide Conflict Management Training for these issues. This training can be designed in many forms and timelines.

 With Families & Groups

Nancy can meet with families who are conflicted and need to discuss sensitive issues, yet are finding it difficult to do so. She can facilitate a conversation with all involved. She can facilitate conversations with groups who find themselves “stuck” and not able to move forward.

Training & Experience

Aside from basic mediation training, Nancy has taken Public Policy training and several workshops on the subject. She has also read extensively about the subject. Her experience includes serving as the mediator and facilitator for the Corpus Christi City Hall department office staff and mediating several sessions with them and other clients. Additionally, she has taught conflict management skills to groups and office staffs.