Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

In divorce mediation, it is possible to find a peaceful solution where all participants—especially children—are considered.

Divorce Mediation Solutions

If a couple is ready to do so, they can come to mediations with or without their attorney and work with Nancy to create a mutually agreed-upon mediation agreement and, when necessary, to work on a divorce Decree. This Decree will need to be taken to the court for final approval. This mediation process is financially beneficial to the couple and allows them to make the decisions for themselves.

She places a special emphasis on these cases, especially in these cases where there are children, and concentrates on visitation and custody. Her goal is to determine what is in the best interest for the child, as per the Judge, and ensures that both parents understand how important this is.

Divorce Mediations

When there is no chance of reconciliation but a couple still wants a peaceful end to their marriage, divorce mediation provides a viable solution. During these services, Nancy allows for a safe meeting between the couple. She begins with determinations about the child first, and then moves on to discuss property issues. She provides a Division of Property List, as Texas is a Community Property State, and assets must be divided equally.

Nancy realizes, that since the couple will continue being parents, she encourages them, as part as their mediation, to discuss their personal differences so that will not be a part of their parenting they will be doing from now on.

Training & Experience

Aside from the basic 30 hours of training as a mediator, Nancy also has specialized training. She’s taken a 30-hour Family Training course from East Texas State University Division of Continuing Education in 1989, in Fort Worth. She has also taken a 24-hour refresher course through Nueces County Dispute Resolution services in Corpus Christi in 1993. Her experience includes numerous divorce mediation cases from 1989 to present and teaching the course in both Corpus Christi and Austin.