Family & Neighborhood Mediation

Family & Neighborhood Mediation for Peaceful Resolutions

At Wise Mediation, Nancy understands the fragile nature of families in distress, and that mediation for family conflict is an alternative that can deliver a better resolution for all involved. No matter how much we love or care for someone, we can still come into conflict with them. Through neighborhood and family mediation services, Nancy helps people find common ground and come to solutions that satisfy all parties involved in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas. This allows people to continue on, happy and secure in their relationships.

Some Examples:

Gift Issues | Broken Promises | Vehicle Problems | Sibling Issues | Mother & Father Conflicts | Inheritance | Possessions

Elderly Parents

Care of elderly parents is becoming a more-often discussed subject these days. Should the care of your elderly parents become an issue, Nancy can arrange for the adult children of these parents and anyone else involved in their care into a safe setting. Here, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss the conflicted matters, including housing, finances, emotional issues, and issues related to their wellbeing. Additionally, we can discuss the parents’ rights, property and estates, and business. Here, you can find your mutual goals and resolve the problems involved.

Friends & Neighbors:

Animals | Loud Noises | Parking Issues | Property Lines | Theft

Groups & Communities:

Trauma | Unrest