Life Coaching

Life & Personal Coaching Services

We all want to become better people. Whether we’re looking to improve our work or personal lives, live better, or just improve all-around, we could all use a little help. Wise Mediation also offers personal coaching services, and Nancy is more than happy to be your life coach in Austin, Texas.

Life Coaching

Sometimes, we find that life can get to be too much for us. Everyone can relate to that. Our family members get on our nerves, and we feel guilty. Perhaps something happens with a friend that catches us off-guard, and we thought it could never happen because we were so close. We all just want life to be smooth. No matter what happens, Nancy can help guide you through and help you be a better, happier person with personal coaching solutions.

How Nancy Can Help You

Because Nancy has been a mediator since 1987 has and has raised five children,  plus other experiences that have helped her to realize that each want to get along with others, yet we do not usually have the tools to do so. Life coaching is an opportunity to talk one-on-one about what is weighing on your heart and mind and find some peace. It is important to note that this is not mediation, though it could lead to it. Life coaching is specifically for individuals who wish to come and find their own peace.  Sometimes just talking to someone about that can help. Nancy offers you that opportunity.

When the Other Party Does Not Come

When this happens, you are encouraged to come and have the opportunity to safely and openly express your feelings about the situation. This way, you can move on. Nancy can help you with this.