Online Mediation

Online Mediation

Convenient Online Mediation For Peaceful Resolution

You’ll find proven and effective online mediation solutions for productive conflict resolution, even if the parties are separated by great distances or don’t want to meet in person. At Wise Mediation, Nancy J. Wise’s goal is to help people throughout Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas resolve their conflicts quickly and effectively, providing solutions that all parties find more beneficial than those doled out by our adversarial legal system. She uses web conferencing so that all parties can be seen, allowing for a simple process. Online mediation is available for all areas she covers, and she almost never turns anyone away. Mediation is $125 per hour and we use Skype as our means web conferencing.

What is Mediation?

With Nancy, you’ll find a general practice that covers almost all areas of mediation services. You can have your mediation in-office, on-site, or online. Since 1987, she has witnessed numerous sessions and knows that mediation is all about communication. She has heard parties exchange comments like “Oh, I didn’t know you felt that way” or “I didn’t know that part of the story.” From there, the story can truly unfold and allow almost every mediation session to come to a peaceful resolution. This win-win process is about equality, unlike other conflict management programs that are adversarial in nature.

Whenever people commingle, there can be some kind of unrest or conflict. For the most part, people don’t realize that a peaceful resolution is possible. They’ll just walk away from the relationship. Nancy’s job is to help people find those resolutions so they can continue their lives together. As your neutral third party, she offers a non-threatening, safe, confidential environment where you can sort your problems out and mutually resolve your issues with trusted, experienced, and impartial guidance. In the end, you will resolve your own conflict and realize that you truly do have the power in your own life.