Recent testimonials from clients that received successful services regarding conflicting parties with several disputes and divorces.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff


September 18, 2016

After more than six month of disruptive disputes between several congregants, our church minister and our church board, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff, Texas, governing board selected seven individuals to serve as the Sacred Elders (SEs). The elders were given the responsibility to finding a resolution to the church’s difficulties.

The Elders began their work by evaluating the resources available totem and familiarizing themselves with the conflicting parties.  After considerable deliberation, the Elders selected Nancy Wise as mediator.  Ms. Wise was selected specifically because she had no connections with our church community; she was accessible and affordable.  Beginning in April, the elders began a steady communication with Ms. Wise in order to make her aware of the complexities of the myriad of problems.  During that time she was always open and available.  She studied the nature of our denomination and offered constructive suggestions in order to guarantee neutrality and accessibility to all parties.  She also trained the elders in the methodology she would be using and guided us through the planning process and strategy for the mediation.  Ms Wise also made a number of private calls to key individuals to encourage their participation and acceptance of the process.

On a Saturday in late July the mediation/group therapy session called Reboot, took place. During a very long dat, Ms. Wise skillfully guided the process and made adjustments as the situation demanded.  By mid afternoon it was apparent to those involved that many of the issues had been addressed and that the healing process had begun.  The following day, Ms. Wise attended our worship service and continued to encourage all involved.

After several months, it is clear that our community has made a serious recovery thanks to her efforts and she had continually “checkin” to evaluate our success and to insure continuity. It is without reservation that we recommend Nancy Wise for her skill as a mediator, her integrity, and for her humane approach to problem solving.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Most sincerely,

Barbara Fudge

Sacred Elders – Chair

Robertus van der Wege

Sacred Elders – Mediator Liaison



May 4, 2016

Nancy was the mediator for my divorce.  She was patient, kind, understanding and knowledgable. Her insight allowed my ex-husband and I to remain on good terms, and to be fair to one another as we decided on the terms of our divorce.  It was painful, but Nancy made it so doable. I would use her again if I am ever in a situation where mediation is required.

Estella Cotter



April 27, 2016

In March of 2016 my husband and I utilized the mediation services of Nancy Wise in composing our divorce decree.  Not only was she knowledgeable regarding the guidelines of fair and equitable rulings regarding our decree, but she sensitively and intuitively helped us sort through the many tumultuous emotions that were plaguing both my husband and I during the throes of our divorce.

At the end of our session with Nancy we were able to leave feeling confident that we were equipped to stand before the judge.  Nancy even agreed to meet with us free of charge to update some information on our decree before we appeared in court.  Overall she went above and beyond for us and by the time this emotional chapter in outlives was complete, I felt that I had not only engaged the assistance of an expert mediator, but I also felt that I had gained a lifelong friend.  Without any hesitation, I can highly recommend Nancy Wise as mediator to any couple facing the challenges of divorce.


Christiana Nelson