Victim-Offender Mediation

Victim-Offender Mediation Solutions

Often times, a victim of a crime will have unanswered questions, even after the courts have rendered a verdict. Society often thinks this is all we need—the criminal is being punished, and that’s the end of it. Too often, though, what the victim truly wants and needs is answers to the questions that prosecution and punishment can leave unanswered.

Victim-Offender Mediation

In this special form of mediation, victims meet with the offenders and are allowed to ask the key questions hampering their healing. Only the offender can answer these questions, and the service is only provided if the victim wants to enter the process. Nancy’s goal is to help the victim to heal and move on. If, in the process, a healing or a positive breakthrough also occurs for the offender, it’s a plus. Agreements may end in payment for damages, demands that the defendant receive some sort of rehabilitation, or simply the answers to questions such as, “why me?” This process can truly help a victim heal.

If you or someone you know have experienced an offense and would like to meet with the offender and know his or her whereabouts, Nancy may be able to arrange a “safe meeting” with all involved. In this session, you, the victim, will be able to ask the offender such healing questions as, “why me?” The goal of this form of mediation is to provide closure for the victim. Both parties must agree to participate. In some situations, the Adult or Juvenile Probation Departments will be involved.

Training & Experience

Five Day Training at Loyola University in Conjunction with the Illinois Criminal Justice Department
• Seminars
• Training Others
• Worked Jointly with Juvenile & Adult Probation Departments as Executive Director of DRS in Corpus Christi to Resolve Several Cases